Anamorphic Images from Your Photos !!
For Informations :

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Do you want to do a VERY Original Present ???

An Anamorphic Image is the ideal Solution !!!

For Who have ALL, but Really ALL, the solution is :


A Magic and Misterious word !!

A deformad image, ......simpatica..... and funny !!

A real USELESS, but funny present !!

An example ?? Look down there !!

Standard image Anamorphic Image
Immagine Normale Immagine Anamorfica
Reflected Image
{short description of image}

Anamorphic Image at Full Resolution. (Print it on an A4 Sheet of paper !!)

Laying a specular Cylinder (12 cm diameter) centered on the black circle, you will see the specular image as it lies INSIDE THE CYLINDER in its original rectangular form !!!!

For a present, you can send me Your photo with your choosen subject (Best format : 12x18 or Electronic form). You will receive the Anamorphic Image over an A4 support eventually with a Specular Cylinder for then reflection

Send the E-Mail to request it, with your data and the electronic image to use for the Anamorphic Transfrormation !! Only TBA € !! (Or TBA $ !!)

Coming soon : Buy with PayPal (Tell me what you think about.)